Nicholson on the Peace Corps: “My first priority is saying ‘Thank You’ properly

By Billy Nicholson ’11 As a junior at Falmouth Academy, Billy Nicholson ’11 received two awards that bespoke his future – one for giving support and help to the community and one for generosity of spirt. After having graduated from Wake Forest University, he is currently serving his second year in the Peace Corps, teaching […]

6 Ways the Science Fair Taught Me Everything I Needed to Know for Life

by Caroline Cotto ’10, Culture Content Creator, HubSpot One thing I knew about Falmouth Academy when I started was that students were required to participate in the Science Fair. This terrified me. “Just pick something you are interested in and the rest will follow,” Mr. Conzett, now-retired, advised. And follow it I did. Little did I know […]

6 Reasons Why Falmouth Academy Alumni Succeed in College and Career

By Barbara J. Campbell, Director, Alumni & Parent Relations, Falmouth Academy Every year just before the December holiday break, alumni return to Falmouth Academy to share anecdotes from their college experiences and career paths. Every Alumni College & Career Networking Day, we consistently hear that Falmouth Academy has prepared alumni well for college and provides a […]

Practical Math Lesson Teaches Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

By Ed Lott, Math Teacher at Falmouth Academy I have been asked many times why I do a project about retirement with high schoolers. They should not be worrying about retirement yet – right? Since the decline of the pension and the advent of the 401k retirement plan, thinking about and planning for retirement has […]

Leadership and the Teaching of Teaching

By Lalise Melillo, Rhetoric Teacher If you search the Internet, looking for “Leadership,” you will find a host of sites identifying the qualities and abilities that leaders share. Traits like confidence and skills like communication appear on every list. Falmouth Academy students learn to become leaders from their earliest days at the school, when they […]